ZALES OUTLET Bedford Texas Review


My fiance bought my engagement ring on July 8, 2006. It was beautiful. By Monday, the first diamond fell out. By Wednesday the second. I was absolutely devastated. And he was mad. My ring has a center stone (princess cut) and then little diamonds surrounding it. The little stones are the ones that keep falling off. nI called the salesman who treated me like a piece of dirt. Blaming it all on me because “diamonds don’t just popp out.”” We bought the warranty so why would I make up a story. I was telling the truth

the seriously just popped out. nWe exchanged it for another and guess what…another diamond fell out. It is now 8/1/06 and my second ring is falling apart as well. Like someone else said in their report

Zales has managed to completely ruin something that is supposed to be the most memorable thing in your life. It’s memorable alright but for all the wrong reasons. nI STILL have not heard back from the “”regional manager”” after calling their corporate office. I am going to take someone’s advice and take my ring to a PROFESSIONAL jeweler and have them fix it so that it will properly hold the diamonds. nZales Outlet is a big joke and I will not stop until they have paid for what they have done. nStacynBedford


Grapevine Mills Mall GRAPEVINE, Texas U.S.A.

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