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i wanted to buy a rottweiler so i went to world of pets so the lady thatn works their told me they were going to order one and when they had the npuppy nthey were going to give me a call, they called me and they sold me the npuppy for 1000 we didnt have the money with us so they told me to leave an layaway so i left 100$ i went the next day to visit the puppy i noticedn he was sick the lady told me he just had a little cough by that time i nhad given them 650$ i came the 3 day to leave the rest of the money and in noticed the puppy wasnt walking good the lady in the store said she wasn going to take him to the vet to get checked he had fractured his leg nand the vet put him a cast so i told the lady i cant finish paying the npuppyy he was sick and injured i told her i wanted my money back they ndidnt want to give it to me they said it was already on the computer andn i had to finish paying the puppy, i told them that they cant sell a sickn injured puppy and their only answer was im sorry i cant do nanything its already on the computer so i had to finish buying the puppyn i took him home on tuesday 9/14/10 and the lady from the pet store toldn me to take him to the vet on friday so they can take his cast off so n9/17/10 i took him to the vet the vet told me that my puppy was nreally sick he had a kennel coughn and the x rays showed that my puppy had a bad pneumonia and he was going to dien she had to keep him in and she said she was going to try nanything possible to save him, i only had my puppy for 4 days we boughtn him food bedding everthing a puppy needs, my children were really nexcited that they had a new puppy my puppy was really sick coughing and nnear my childreni bought my npuppy food, bedding, pads leash, collar, license, i activated his nmicrochip, treats, toys my children were around my puppy not knowing he nwas really sick my kids would kiss him the puppy would lick their faces nand now all the germs my kids have, they were really excited for ntheir new puppy it was only four days but we got really attache to him in heard this place had been on the news 2 times and they wont close the nplace down

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