Wendy’s Restaurant Cambridge Maine


Complaint: Before relocating recently, I lived in RI where I would frequent the Wendy’s in nearby N. Smithfield. They would frequently get the order incorrect, but nothing major and nothing that they would not fix IF I caught it before taking it home. This one particular time, I went throught the drive-thru since I had my children in the car with me. After a less-than-friendly greeting and request for my order, I started giving my 5-item selection. After listing only 2 items, the voice at the other end of the speaker started to rattle on about something incoherant to me. I stopped giving my order and said “Excuse me?”” and was told (rudely) that she was not talking to me and that she was listening

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: finish my order. I started over again

Website: “”I am not deaf. You gave me those things already. Did you want something else or are you done?”” I was stunned to silence for a moment which prompted that sassy voice to again ask

Phone: not truly convinced that someone having 2 conversations would be paying all that much attention to either

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