Welks Resort Escondido El Cajon California Review


I attended a concert where Welk Resorts had a booth. I signed up for the tour for the following week on Monday September 2, 2013. My tour and discussion lasted about 5 hours. After going back and forth, I decided to purchase the timeshare. I left a $500 deposit and was set to make payments for the remainder of the down payment. During my tour, I had explained to my sales person, Richelle, that I was working towards buying multi-family property and I didn’t need anything that would interfere with that. She stated that the timeshare was considered real estate. I currently have a separate timeshare, that I’m not too happy with, so what they were offering seemed pretty nice. The next day I reached out to my realtor and tax accountant and was told that I needed to rescind/cancel the timeshare immediately. That it will cause issue with my future investments. So I went though my ownership book and found a Rescision Rights letter. It was never pointed out that the letter was there or I had the option to cancel. My realtor stated that the law was 3 days to cancel, however my rescission form states I have 7 days to cancel. On Tuesday Septermber 3, 2013, I signed the Rescissin notice and faxed it to the number listed on the form, 760-651-3248. I requested confirmation that the notice was received and that someone notify me of how and when I can expect my down payment to be refunded. On Wednesday September 4, 2013, I still hadn’t heard back, so I called the Escrow Analyst/Manager Pat MCCool @ 760-751-3818, left a voice mail. Later that day I called the 800# and asked for the Rescission Dept. I was told that Valerie headed that department. I was given her # and transferred. I got a voice mail again, in which I left a message. On Thursday Septermber 4, 2013, I contacted Valerie and Pat McCool again. Still no answer. I’ve contacted them every day since Tuesday and still no answer or response as of today Sunday September 8, 2013. Pat McCool’s voicemail stated he was out of the office until Sunday September 8, 2013, however no one answers phones at this establishment. The card that I received from Pat McCool had another analyst name on it, Maragert Ann Line, which I called and still no luck. I went online today to see if there was another way to get in contact with this resort. So I sent an online notification and sent faxes to the # on the Rescisson letter and to the main fax # listed on the contact us page, on the resorts website @ 760-651-3248 and 760-749-9537. I have proof of receipt on all faxes sent. In my fax and online contact form, I again requested confirmation and a resonse, otherwise I will turn this matter over to my attorney, by COB Monday September 9, 2013. If I didn’t have future ventures, I would have entertained the timeshare, however after my ordeal with just getting a person on the phone, I would not recommend this resort to anyone. They lack customer service. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anything like it. At minimum a call back or response of some sort would’ve been appreciated. I hope I can get this matter resolved without legal ramifications.

8860 Lawrence Welk Drive Escondido, California USA




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