Warner Healthcare Company Olympia Washington Review


I ordered a trial packet of Avlimil, paying 4.50 for postage as it was supposed to be “a month supply free with no obligation””. A month later another month supply was shipped to me

I did not open it and wrote on the package “”return to sender and cancel”” (I have never had any trouble returning things this way in the past)

the next month I recieved another and did the same thing. nYesterday I was filling my bank statements and discovered on my last two that there were 35.00 automatic withdrawls on both paid to Avlimil. I attempted to call the phone # on the web site and it told me to go back to the web site and go here

there and everywhere

I finally found where to cancel and found that it said they deduct the fee when the product is shipped and they would not refund any money once a package shipped

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