Walmart worth Illinois Review


on april 19 i purchased a mp3 player for my daughter. brought it home only to find out it was infected with viruses making my virus scanner go crazy. so i packed it back up . nthe next day which is today april 20 i went to return it. they opened box to check make sure everything was there. which it was. then checked serial numbers. well the number on device didnt match box. nthey said they will not exchange it or return my money. we told them to check the images on device they could easily tell we didnt put them there. they told us we should of checked the serial numbers when we purchased it. ni have never brought a mp3 player before, plus no one told me i should of opened the box and check serial numbers before i purchase a item. they said that we are just out of luck and accused us of switching the device. nwe have been nothing but loyal customers spending 150-200 every week. and they sell us a used mp3 player that almost infected my computer, then refuse to exchange item or give me a refund. nthe total they robbed me is $64.88 plus $5.88 service plan and 10% tax in cook county illinois nIt may not seem like much but it is to us we work hard to provide for our children and walmart steals from us. nPissed offnworth, IllinoisU.S.A.

10260 South Harlem Avenue Bridgeview, Illinois U.S.A.

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