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Complaint: This people advertise rent to owm Houses. They provide combonation locks to get into houses, tell you there is nothing wrong with the houses. They do not provide keys to get into garages or basements so you can see the electrical boxes have cut wires or that the water pipes are all frozen and busted. They were told before we even went to look that it was over a 3 hour drive to their property. they knew before hand that the place was not liveable due to the cut electrical wires and broken water lines. They made me call to find out if there were leins or back taxes or even a well on the property. They are quite rude when you call to find out yhe status of things. They falsely advertised the house as 2 bedrooms, there is only 1 bedroom. They had a sign in front of house that was certain amount and then wanted to charge double that amount. Again false advertisement. i should get back my 2 wasted trips of 300 miles each plus the time to call the county, electric and home owners associatoon. i think i will put a lein on the house to recover my money.

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Address: 16 Berryhill Rd Columbia, South Carolina USA


Phone: 1-888-466-7932

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