Village Oaks (Yes! community) Midwest City Oklahoma Review


This manager allows a few other residents into the office and allows them access to private information concerning others who live here. If you get upset and complain about Anything they begin harassing you by constantly checking your property for any little thing that they can give you a notice for. The manager is never in the office alone. . so every conversation you have with her is in front of these other residents who air in there with her constantly. I have had my payments list by office managers about 5 times. .. which causes then to report me as late and charge me lasted fees as well as mes with my credit. When they lose my payments it also costs me check cancel fees that they are never willing to pay. Since living here they have made us start paying additional for water usage that used to be included, and have raised our lot rent nearly double. They never fix anything, neighbors of mine rent and are living in dangerous conditions. The roads are hazardous and they should be replacing the ball joints in both our vehicles. When a Tornado his they turn people away from the shelter just for bringing a small bag of important documents and bottled water with them (we have a small child who needs to have a snack and drink while sitting in a hot hole in the ground).. it is ridiculous. We can’t get out of here because Unfortunately we are buying our home and are not allowed to move it until we are finished paying it off. I would never ever in a million years tell anyone that this is a good or decent place to make your home. Stay away. Midwest City Oklahoma SERIOUSLY. . If you want a nice place to live. . This is not it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste a day of their life here.

9429 Se 29th Midwest City, Oklahoma USA

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