Venture Custom Pools Aubrey Texas Review


Venture Custom Pools built our pool in 2007. It was completed in December and is approximately 3 1/2 yrs old. Too bad it appears to be 10 or more years old. We have had multiple issues beginning with the building process until present. nThis past autumn tiles were falling off of the pool. We called Venture. They reluctantly sent someone out and they did readhere the tiles to the pool. They even fixed a couple of other things we had been unhappy with for some time. nThe tiles from the same area are falling off again. Again we called Venture. Unfortunately, our warranty covered the first 2 years and we were informed that it is like buying a new car… after a few years the warranty expires and things start falling off. So, you just have to get them fixed. Too bad we can not trade it in. nNo explanation as to why our neighbors pool (also built by Venture about 9 months before ours) has not had any issues. nWhy us, why our pool? The salesman said the supervisor would be there everyday overseeing every phase. He wasn’t. He was rude. He had zero customer service skills. I blame a lot of our issues over time on him. Most of these companies bring in contractors to do the different phases of the job. His job was to make sure that they (whether they be contractors or employees) do their job correctly. He did not do his job. The folks at Venture love to blame some of our issues on ground shifting. Our neighbors (mentioned above) live directly next door to us. Wouldn’t their ground shift when our ground shifts? nTo be honest, I am not so sure I even want anyone from Venture Custom Pools to lay another hand on our pool. It may actually still be salvageable if we can find the right person or company who actually cares about doing a quality job and offering quality customer service. nApparently this company is a hit or a miss. Our neighbors experience was good but ours has been trying and stressful. The odds are not in your favor. Don’t risk it. I can not tell you who is the right choice, but Venture is definitely not it.

4568 State Hwy 121, Plano, Texas United States of America


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