Vacations Made Easy Vidor Texas Review


This company helped me book a trip to Disney World, Orlando. They showed a hotel on their website with a great looking pool and nice facilities. When we showed up in Orlando, the hotel was a rat hole. nWhen we checked out our room and made the decision to move to another hotel, I called VME and asked for a refund. The lady said we would have to write a letter stating our complaint. nWe paid for the first night, due to the fact that we went into the room and sat on the bed while we looked for another room in town. The clerk at the hotel was not even shocked that we were leaving right after we got there, which indicated that she was used to this sort of thing. nAfter we came home from Florida, I wrote a letter to Matt Cook – the VME supervisor, explaining that I only wanted a refund for the 2 nights that we didn’t stay in the booked hotel. I explained that we had to pay for another hotel, so we had paid twice now, for the same vacation. nA few weeks later I received a letter from Mr. Cook stating that the hotel was on their site showing the “generic rooms”” and basic amenities (lie)

and that we prevented other patrons from staying in the rooms that were booked in our name

so we would not be getting a refund. This was a huge lie

being that we checked out of the hotel

right after we got there! We

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