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If you read through this site you will find numerous people who have been fleeced by this company. The owner Scott always comes back and calls them liars, but believe me, this company is bad news. I think we all need to get together and file a class action suit. They pressure folks into paying for something they can find online cheaper. They promise great discount prices on all inclusive vacations and had many of these DEALS posted in the room where we went for the presentation. When you FINALLY get the book and your membership number WEEKS later, it is to late to get your money back and you find out those DEALS are not real.We were told we could pull up to any hotel when we were ready to stop for the night, call the VCT number and get a lower price than we could by using hotel reservations or just walking in. That is not only a lie, but they also lied that we could to it 24hrs/day. They close by 6pm and you cant even call them.Rip off if the only name they should be called.If anyone out there is interested in a class action suit please contact me.

Branson, Missouri United States of America


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