US Airways Happy Valley Oregon Review


Apparently I’m not the only one ripped off by US Air. We had to rebook a flight because of an emergency brain tumor removal surgery. When rebooking, we had to do it throughna special link which quoted prices close to double of what the prices nquoted on their site had. We agreed to pay the $150 nrebooking fee when we told them of our problem originally but we did notnthink we would get gauged on the ticket fee too. Not only will we have nto pay the $150 but the ticket cost $300 more than if we would justnbook it on line. That’s $450 extra, the cost of what it would cost to njust book the trip online without having an original ticket to exchange.nThey are ripping customers off. I spent over an hour on the phone with nthem about this but they didn’t care!!!!! I would love to let the nconsumer know of their practices. nTeri

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