Ultimate Management Co Review


Sent check in the amount of $1,998.35 from Walmart Inc. Using Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 165 E Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 at the top of check. Sent a letter to participate in a paid Quality Control Program to be working as a Consumer Service Evaluator for selected merchant outlets and service providers. It’s a fully paid program to become a permanent part time position. They give you a User ID number and a Password to use in order to go to the website to activate the check. You would have to activate the check which is mandatory and deposit it into a checking or savings account and take out $350 to cover which would be available in 12 to 24 hours to do the first assessment assignment. Letter was signed by Armand Adams Director of Operations. You can only generate assignment when the fund provided to cover expenses is in hand ($350) It must be completed within 24 hours and the items you purchase you may keep. It says you can visit the website for more information

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