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This complaint is against Paul Bralovich coba as Tristar Installations Limited located at 1-22995 64 Avenue Langley, British Columbia V2Y 2L2, hereafter referred to as Tristar. Tristar entered into a contract to replace my existing roof with a metal roof. The basis of this complaint centers on the substandard workmanship performed by Tristar, and at the same time this complaint points out unprofessional and questionable behaviour exhibited by Tristar. In regard to the issue of substandard workmanship, the particulars are as follows:n1) Part of Tristars contract was to replace the existing cedar fascia boards. The replacement of these boards was completed in a substandard fashion in that (i) no concern was shown to put the rough side of the cedar boards facing outward (ii) flat headed nails as opposed to galvanized finishing nails were used to fasten the fascia boards (iii) boards were cut to the wrong length (iv) some of the soffit boards were damaged as a result of nails being driven through them as a result of improper placement of nails for the fascia board. n2) Part of Tristars contract was the application of brand named Deckarmor underlay. The manufacturer of this product states in no uncertain terms that the product be fastened with plastic capped nails or staples. This was pointed out to Tristar but met with an absolute refusal on their part to use such fasteners. They instead choose to use galvanized roofing nails. n3) Despite a promise by Tristar to cover the roof while under construction in case of rain, and despite my phone calls to have the roof covered, Tristar failed to cover the roof before a down pour of rain. I received a phone call while at work explaining to me that the roof was leaking. I had to leave work immediately and rush home cover up the roof. As a result of Tristars failure to cover the roof, rain flooded our cook top and necessitated a service call from Shoreline appliances at the cost of 151.14. I also lost six hours of pay.n4) During the installation of the metal roof panels, many of the panels were dented, creased or scratched. All requests to have these panels replaced were ignored. n5) While removing the skylights to flash around the openings, damage was caused to the interior wall finish.n6) The EPDM rubber gutter liner was nailed below the line covered by the metal panels. Tristar admits the error but refuses to replace the liner. Instead a rubber patch was offered but not applied.n7) During installation of the gutter downpipes, several soffit boards were damaged and need replacement. n8) While replacing the small section of siding next to the low slope roof, the boards were cut crookedly and then fastened with shingle nails as opposed to the correct siding nails.n9) After installing one on the metal panels at the edge on the roof crookedly, flashing material was applied so that it was not properly adjacent to the fascia board. Despite several requests this has not been properly repaired. 10) The entire reason for changing the roof was that the original gutters had small drains that continually got clogged with debris. As a result water drained over the fascia boards and over time rotted them. I wanted this corrected. Tristar guaranteed that enlarging the drains would resolve this problem. Unfortunately the gutter drains are in installed in such a way that they sit too high and the water in the gutters builds up to the point of going under the membrane cap and leaking down the fascia board. The original problem with the gutters has not been solved.nIn addition to the substandard workmanship on the roof, Tristar displayed unprofessional and questionable work practice. In particular: 11) Upon removal of the garbage bin Tristar ordered to contain the old roofing material, two large holes were discovered in the driveway, in addition to a cracked concrete storm drain lid. After several attempts to have Tristar deal with this issue, Tristar finally told me to have the repair done and forward them the bill. The cost of the repair was 1500.00 and although Tristar agreed to reimburse that amount, they left the responsibility to arrange the repair in my hands. 12) At the outset of the job Tristar brought several rolls of roofing underlay to the job site. I noticed these rolls of underlay were not the product specified and to avoid any confusion I put a label on the rolls stating that they were not to be used. I noted that the product to be used was a premium product called Deckarmor. I was quite surprised to come home and find out that approximately 30 percent of the roof was covered with the inferior product. After again pointing out that the contract called for the better product Tristar replaced the product they wrongly applied. Tristar employees later admitted that this change cost the crew of five half a days work. 13) While under no obligation to do any repair work whatsoever, Tristar claimed to have done work totalling an extra 1,200.00, and told me in no uncertain terms that I would be paying that amount. At no time was there any attempt to ask for approval for this work to be done and at no time was I offered a breakdown of this cost despite repeated requests. When I suggested that I might have had someone else do the work Tristar said that would not happen because it would require Tristar employees to take time off. Later I was told that even if I did not agree to pay the extra amount Tristar would have done the work for free since that is how I (Tristar) work. I do things right. 14) Despite Tristars promise at the time of signing the contract to remove the roof covering of the low slope roof area, when it came time to perform the work Tristar adamantly refused to do so. For several nights after my work I had to come home and work on the removal of this roof. After I had completed the work Tristar admitted that they did quote for the removal of this section of roof. 15) While completing the flashing around the skylights, Tristar told me that unless I replaced the skylights I would not have a guarantee that they would not leak. Despite the extra 1,621.76, I felt I had to agree or face the possibility of leaking skylights. In addition to damage caused to the interior of the skylight opening, I was very disappointed to discover that at the first test of water they leaked. 16) On the least offensive side of this project there are two other points I would make about Tristars unprofessional behaviour. The first concerns the fact that a Tristar employee spray painted a part of the roof flashing at the end of the driveway leaving a big halo of spray paint on the road. The second point was that despite being assured the crew would clean up at the end of each work day this did not happen. Along with having to clean up after Tristar employees every day – picking up sharp metal pieces, screws, and nails – Tristar employees left over two hundred cigarette butts on my lawn and on the street in front of my house for me to clean up. All of the above issues have repeatedly been presented to Tristar. For every issue concerning the poor quality of workmanship Tristar has an excuse about which employee is responsible. Rather than take any responsibility to satisfactorily complete the job all I meet with is an excuse.

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