TreeHouse – Turley-Thompson – Monterey Financial Services Thornton Colorado Review


I ordered this diet pill unfortunately. When I received the box, there was no invoice for the price, when they mailed it and what date I would be charged for it. There was no information on returning the product if I was unhappy or if there were no results. I tried to call, but I was sent in circles. nWhen I saw that the charge ($229.95) went through I called the phone number listed, which was for Monterey Financial Services, they told me that they just do the billing and don’t have any information for me. I tried to find out more but I didn’t know where to look. nI found another charge on my bank statement for $29.95 on 8-28, and called the number listed. This number is non-stop busy. nSo I called Monterey Financial again, and they amazingly found a phone number for me. I called it and it was a voice mail for a Jason Turley. So I called back to Monterey and told them, and I called the number again and it was answered by someone. They put me on hold for 10 minutes and then a lady in CS answered and I think she even used a fake name, because she had a hard time spelling it for me. She gave me a fax number so I can cancel any further shipments and charges. We’ve also cancelled that credit card and are getting new numbers issued out to us because of this. nLenanThornton, ColoradoU.S.A.

5252 N Edgewood Dr. Provo, Utah U.S.A.


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