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Complaint: Company rep stated they had a buyer for the sale of my timeshare and that they obtained my phone number from my timeshare. For $1,500.00 they could process the handling of the sale of my timeshare. I agreed And kept getting phone calls, but no alleged contract for me to sign for the sale. Charlene Brown at TBO stated she could not provide me any info on the title company, buyer or sale til the sale was done. I said, “what ! “”. I contacted my timeshare who stated these guys were scam artists. I disputed the charge and have now contacted various sources and am considering a class action lawsuit. The understanding was clearly to “”sell”” my timeshare… If they r negotiating

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Address: they’re intent is to sell and the website lists properties for sale. Lastly

Website: 877-783-5231

Phone: u need a real estate license to sell property. Does TBO have one… Don’t think so. These guys r misrepresenting themselves to the nth degree.”

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