Tracey Merrill – Waverly, New York New York


Tracey Merrill does a great job at ruining relationships. My current boyfriend and I have been through hell and back because she just won’t back away. She ruined his marriage before me as well, and ruined her own marriage over him. She always calls and texts him, she follows up all over. She lies about me constantly to him. She is so full of drama and will do anything to try to get MY MAN!! † To add to this story, she is also doing a great job of ruining three other relationships. That I know of. One is a cop and his girlfriend, a truck driver and his girlfriend, and a bull rider and his girlfriend. She will send nude photos and edit photos to make herself look better than she is. †Lets not forget that she ruined her own marriage, not once but three times. She a constant home wrecker and goes out of her way to ruin anyone who is happy. Watch out ladies in Waverly, NY she is out to get any man who is in a relationship!!! She will have who evers man she wants. She also slept with four guys in one week, one of them she didn’t even know. The other one was my boyfriends ex wifes current boyfriend. So not only did she torment her during my boyfriends marriage, but is still continuing after they are no longer together. She’s a real winner!!!

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