Complaint: I got a business loan to purchase folding chairs with TIME PAYMENT CORP. ( Quick spark ), it turns out this was not a loan and was actually a lease with fixed interest! they told me it would report to my business credit line an help build the business credit history but instead nothing was reported to the business credit, instead they reported it to my personal credit line! no one wants to give an explanation. The customer service is ill informed and they refer me to QUICK SPARK, Quick spark is referring me back to Time Payment Corp! They are not legitimate! I am getting a lawyer to assist with this!

Tags: Email & Phone Scam, Equipment Lease/ Financing, Internet Sales, Lease, Services, Short Term Loan Scams

Address: 1600 District Avenue,Suite 200 BURLINGTON, MA United States

Website: timepayment.com/

Phone: 877-868-3800

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