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I discovered textbooks.com in September by searching online. I did have other choices, such as purchasing this book at the school bookstore but finally I decided to purchase this book with textbooks.com for the convenience and for the GUARANTEED BUY BACK! When I received the book some pages were wavvy and did seem like it had some water damage. Overall the book was in great condition, no handwriting in the book at all. I assumed this was OK because my book was used. I have now followed all directions in sending my book back only to receive an email 2 weeks later advising me my book had NO VALUE due to water damage. Can you imagine? No value. Not even a decreased amount. This book was in the same condition as I received it. I always kept the book in plastic and never wrote in this book at all. I cannot imagine a college kid not wanting this book to work with instead of purchasing a new book for $184.00. This company uses fraudalent tactics to lure the consumer to purchase from them. Shame on them!!

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