Team USA #009 Vancouver Washington


Complaint: On 10/03/2009, a young man came to the door and my husband answered. He proceeded to tell my husband a big story about a fundraiser and was joking with my husband and acting like his best friend the entire time. My husband ignorantly gave the guy $44 in CASH for a 1 year Motorhome magazine subscription. My husband was pretty convinced it was legit but I had a bad feeling from the start and kept the receipt he was given. Several months later going through piles of paperwork on my desk, I came across that receipt. We hadn’t yet received our magazine (surprise!) so I emailed the address on the receipt. I can’t remember now if it bounced or I just didn’t get a response. Then I called and left several voice mails on the 877 #. Not surprisingly, I got voice mail every time I called, and every time I called I would be within their very short business hours. I don’t work during the day and am in same time zone so shouldn’t have been a problem to reach these people right? Pfft. Lesson learned. Husband does not answer door OR hand anyone cash (except me).

Tags: Sales People

Address: 24307 Magic Mountain Parkway #233 Valencia, California United States of America


Phone: 877-487-2872

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