Target Seattle Washington Review


I sought to return 2 shirts within 90 days but could not locate my receipt, so I thought store credit would be fine. Unfortunately, the items went on sale (I bought at $10, they were now $7, so I would be losing $6 under that scenario, which I hoped to avoid. The assistant manager John offered to give me a store coupon to make up the difference, which I gratefully accepted. However, at that moment, the employee I initially spoke with told me that I had said a swear word. I didn’t remember swearing (I surely wasn’t angry at anybody at that point) so I asked for clarification. She said that I said the F and the S word, which I probably muttered it under my breath when I discovered the price reduction. Since it was clearly not something I had called her, or even spoke at her, I felt ambushed by this twerpy employee making an issue out of such an isolated, tiny utterance. Then when that came out, they all jumped on me about “THIS IS A FAMILY STORE AND WE HAVE A NO SWEARING POLICY.”” Whereupon I retorted “”F***S***.”” Whereupon the assistant manager told me that he would not complete my transaction

at all. Now I was miffed

and I decided


maybe if I get a different size these shirts will fit better

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