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My wife and I contacted Chaunte Stanley, of Stanfield Property Management LLC, because we needed to move. She found several houses for us, but we were interested in two. The first house was $1100 deposit and $1100 a month. After we paid the deposit for the house, she told us that the owners decided to sell it. The next house was the same price and she still had the deposit on the first house. On the day we were suppose to move in, Chaunte met my wife at the house and told here that the owners didn’t want to rent us the house because we’re young. That was a lie. My wife and I called the owners to find out what was going on. They told us Chaunte wanted to keep they deposit and she wouldn’t give them our information. They also said that our age wasn’t a problem and we could still rent the house. I didn’t contact the owners of the first house, but i’m guessing they had the same issue. The following day, I called Chaunte to tell her i wanted my $1100 deposit back because she was giving us they run around. At the time, she said she and her husband were out of town and she gave me several reasons to why she couldn’t get it to me then. Chaunte said my money was in am escrow account and she couldn’t us an out of state bank to withdraw it. I talked to a personal banker, at her company’s bank, who basically told me she was lying. On the day they were supposed to be back in town, I called Chaunte. She didn’t answer. The next day was they same, I’d call and get no answer. Until this day, it’s been two weeks and she still has my money and won’t return my phone calls. Chaunte Stanley is the founder of Stanfield Property Mangement and Tracy stanley is the C.E.O. They are trying to keep my deposit of $1100. I think they are scam artests and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

jonesboro, Georgia United States of America


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