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Complaint: This is the Scam-Zilla of them all… We must do everything it takes to keep the customer to even ‘appearing surprised’ when knowing it was our fault… It all seems legitimate and you are promised the world when starting, however within 2 months the sugar hit fades really quickly. I can guarantee this place will be investigated by Four Corners or ACA/ASIC/FAIRWORK one of these days. The ingrained culture of fear and intimidation is at breaking point. They run their sales team (almost) like an underground boiler-room. They have played musical chairs with senior staff within the organisation as the degree of incompetence is staggering. The pressure they place on their client managers is sweatshop-nightmare quality, I have seen some good people crumble with depression and who cry daily from the stress. In fact our CEO has been linked with criminal M.Featherstone who ran boiler room call scam centres and linked with organised crime, old Mick attended a ‘Sponno’ Christmas party or two! What else? Oh yes, they promise the world to their clients as long as they keep their weekly fee coming in from adword packages, seo and so-forth. Don’t believe me? Google ‘SponsoredLinx SCAM’ or visit whirlpool and search SponsoredLinx. The fun doesn’t end there, they have a subsidiary company ‘GMT’ or Get More Traffic based on the Gold Coast run by a dictator type character General Manager Kerry Anderson who has bullied staff over the years, I’ve even witnessed him engaging with ‘yelling matches’ with the TL for GMT based in our Valley Office. I could go on, please ‘google’ and do some research before joining, unless you are that desperate for money. Consumers, avoid! Save your Money and hang up if you hear anyone from SponsoredLinX or GMT

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Address: Level 12, 100 Wickham street Fortitude Valley, Australia

Website: www.sponsoredlinx.com.au/


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