Smart Fares Broadview Hts. Ohio Review


I purchased a ticket in good faith and with good intention to fly out to Las Vegas where my daughter is going to be married in July. I also took busness law in college and understand contracts, an airline ticket is not a ‘tailor made suit’ that no one else but the person purchasing the ticket can use. A ticket can be sold to anyone. Anyhow, when I called the airlines (Frontier) to inqure about chaning my return date, the representative gave me a one time fee of $100 to do that. So, I agreed to it and gave her my credit card (American Express, that I have had for 39 years). She told me that it was “declined.”” I found that next-to-impossible to believe

so I gave her another one (that I have sizeable money available on); she told me that was declined as well). So

I said “”thank you for your time

“” being suspect of this transaction and then I called back in and talked to another representative that said that my transaction “”wasn’t declined

“” that the previous rep had put a claim or request in on my card for 3

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