Sleepy’s Inc NY New York Review


I purchased a Kingsdown mattress from Sleepy’s in 2003. After being promised by the salesman on the superior workmanship and unparalleled warranty, I felt I had purchased a good mattress set to last me at least 10 years. The mattress began to sag after several years of use and well within the period of the warranty. In early June 2009, I decided to call Sleepy’s about what is acceptable sag for this mattress set. I was told that anything fewer than 1.5 inches is acceptable for this mattress set. Although I knew nothing about mattress construction, it appeared that my mattress had a least that much of sag in the set. Sleepy’s sent a third party mattress inspector and he did a through and informative inspection of my Kingsdown mattress set. I learned that my set had sag in multiple areas anywhere from 3 inches to 5 inches. He took multiple pictures of my mattress set and told me the problem was one of construction – it was destined to fail when it left the store. nIt took a month for Sleepy’s to get back to me about the final verdict on my mattress set. They agreed with the inspector’s determination. I received a letter stating that my mattress was not up to Kingdown’s standards and defective. I also received a credit voucher that had expired two day before the letter’s postmark. After making an unnecessary phone call, they changed the expiration date on the credit voucher internally for an ‘extra’ two weeks. nI then went to the nearest Sleepy’s to pick an equivalent replacement set. Before I went to the store, I was told the even exchange would be a Kingsdown 400 series. I was told the replacement mattress has a price tag of $3000.00. Nothing in the salesroom has a price on it. The salesman immediately tells me to replace the defective mattress would be at least $1000 because I got a ‘deal’ on my first mattress. Eventually, after several phone calls, they agreed for an even replacement with only a charge for delivery. nOn the day of delivery, three young gentlemen show up at my apartment under the pretense of delivering the new mattress set. They inspect’ the old mattress set. They then make a phone call – someone on the other end then tells me ‘We cannot honor the warranty due to water stains.’ I asked the delivery gentlemen if they were trained to inspect mattresses and they told me no. They related that they were subcontractors and the only instruction they receive is they are penalized for picking up the ‘wrong’ mattresses. I called and have written Sleepy’s about what recourse I have in this matter and I have been told by customer service I have none. nThe mattress had been in casing sold to me by Sleepy’s. After purchasing the mattress, I purchased a pad for the mattress. After reading the various complaints on sites like this one, I see a pattern on how they handle fulfilling mattresses. They have no intention of fulfilling the mattress warranty as written. Every point in the warranty process appears to be way for Sleepy’s not to honor the warranty. nI only ask Sleepy’s and Kingsdown to honor what they promised. nI have filed complaints with Better Business Bureau (they are not members BTW), NYC Consumer Affairs, Nassau Costumer Affairs, and recently filled a claims in NYC small claims court. nI have even sent an email to Melissa “I am here to help”” at [email protected]

but from my experience so far I don’t expect much from the company at this point. nI will keep this board informed on the matter. nJohnny J.nNY

New YorkU.S.A.”

175 Central Ave Bethpage, New York U.S.A.


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