Shoppers Advantage Kingman Arizona Review


I have absolutely o idea how these people got my credit card number, but they claim I signed up for a membership of $19.99 per month on 8/20/2010. I never received membership information or anything, but when I looked at their website, is was mostly crap from Asia that they would have had to pay me to take, let alone purchase. I was away from home in another State from September of 2010 until January of 2011. As I was openng and filing my bank statements in April, I spotted two very suspicious charges, and called on April 15, 2011, speaking with Erica in their Customer Service Center who told me that she could only refund two charges (which didn’t occur for 34 days) and that I would have to write to the company to get the rest of the refunds, which I did the same day. Finally two weeks later they sent me a letter, one sentence of which read “According to our liberal policy of “”Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back””

and in the next paragraph “”We regret and inconvenience you may have experienced and are pleased that this matter has been resolved to your satisfaction”” Excuse me……you owe me $199.90…and I am a long way from satisfied. And on top of that

once I realized that they also do business as Trilegiant and Trilegiant Travel

I realized how they got my credit card number. I had tried to book a hotel room in September of 2010 and they tried to scam me on that too.”

Westerville, Ohio United States of America

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