ShopBitmain Review


I am the owner of Mining Ltd. We have successsfully procured close to 1/4 million dollars of cryptocurrency mining equipment for resale as CryptoCurency Cloud Mining Hashpower rental so far and had to share a deal that went way wrong right in the beginning of our procurement efforts. | I have to say, my own fault here for believing I had found a source of the Antminer S9’s when Bitmain had none available, the s****.> | I thought I was on which is the real site, but was on | I called once to ask status and get help with why I couldn’t log in, got a nice phillipino person who could do absololutly nothing for me but ask over and over if he could help me pay for my order and not to worry all was well. I keep saying I had paid, but coudn’t login to my back office to check delivery status. He said he would have a supervisor contact me. | Never happened of course. | I tried calling the next week again, I got just immediate disconnect to call. | I submitted 3 support tickets asking for staus update, I never got any response. | I kept searching google for s****.> | Hopefully my loss can help others avoid their own loss.


  • Name: ShopBitmain
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • State:
  • City: HUNG HOM
  • Phone: 888-808-0861
  • Website:

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