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I bought several beach chairs and an beach umbrella from them two years ago. Or should I say two beach seasons ago! I barley used the umbrella when the little tip that allows it to go into the sand came off. I send them a couple of emails seeing if I could just get that little part and they never answered my numerous emails. That frustrated me so finally I went online and chatted with them. They suggested that I buy another new umbrella and were of no assistance. If they had answered my emails I would have probably not filed this report, but ignoring customers is a ripoff! i offered to pay 14.95 ( the same cost of the umbrella) for a replacement part as long as they picked up the shipping , and they refused. I felt ripped off having them make profit off their defective merchandise so I will not be buying from them again. I will look for a company with better customer service to buy a replacement. thank you

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