Sean Cooley the Crazy Cat Guy and Little Boys


With all due respect to Sean Cooley’s way of life and just mostly to be accurate with what I am writing and not offend anyone, Sean is nonbinary and uses the gender pronouns ze/hir/hir. Sean is an interesting person with a lot of quirks and cats but is also super fukin creepy. Ze has worked writing content for websites like Weedmaps and Thrillist. Ze now works for some bullsh1t weed delivery service in Los Angeles where ze calls hirself a director.

This goof is straight up a creeper. Ze is always wearing this jacket with all these patches with the weirdest sh1t on it that looks like it has never been washed. The unfortunate part is that this degenerate only hangs out with really young boys around 15 years old. Something is wrong trust me. I would keep my kids away from hir. Sean Cooley buys these kids beer, weed and hangs out with them all weekend. I wonder if ze is not only smoking weed but smoking pole too. Not cool, too young.

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