Sandra Franco, Fairy Tail Puppies Mission, Texas Review


Long story short, I spent two days talking to FairyTail Puppies by text and email about getting a pup. Of course I blame myself for being a little over-enthusiastic when it comes to puppy shopping but thankfully I also was doing my homework in the background. She kept sending me pictures and blurry videos but would NOT answer questions about the dogs (pugs). It was obvious to me that some were most definitely crossbred and not purebred as represented. At one point she sent me a deposit request (whcih is normal by any breeder/seller) and then seemed to get mad that I would not pay it within 5 min and took it away. Really playing the game of the heartstrings, though I still had questions and wanted more pictures etc. Then she told me her daughter was coming to near my house but wanted to charge me 950.00 for shipping?!?!? I mean you can ship a dog on an airline for $200.00!!! Then she started speaking unclear English, and started speaking Mexican, she never could answer my serious questions/concerns or provide pictures I asked for or show the actual pups WITH parents. She showed me two most definitely different dogs that were both supposedly the mother of one puppy, I mean?!?!?. FINALLY after 90 texts she showed me a picture of the malformed puppy she was trying to sell me along with another. I did pay a deposit on the one, but when she went instantly silent I dug deeper on the web and found out that they are a puppy mill and very, very bad people who have sold sick and dying pups and been fined too, possibly sued. I cut and pasted one article about them to her and SAID -is this you? When I asked for her name just before this she would not even give her last name, though we had spoke for 2 days!!! She could not show video of the fathers (sires) though she claims to live with them and own them. Some of the DAD dog pictures look very much stolen from AKC websites and then she just picmonkey’s her name on them. You never see them with the mother dog or pups! Thankfully within 5 min of deposit, I called my bank and deposit was reversed! The lady will not use paypal like the rest of the world. She only uses Square. She cannot answer breed specific questions, her dogs are crossbred and NOT AKC, only CKC and ANYONE with 25 dollars can CKC register their dog. She would not respond to me when I asked her about allegations and fines to Fairytail puppies I found on the web, THEY ARE ALL OVER. And no more texts when I said payment from me was reversed. DO NOT BUY from this Crazy, she is not reputable, and though she has made a suck you in melt your heart sort of website, they are not what they appear to be. Also, their prices are even HIGHER than pet stores! Which should be a red flag. Especially for crossbred and deformed pups. I hope no one else falls for their scam!!! And I hope the state of Tx looks into them and their business practices and rescues the deformed pups that she is trying to sell for over 2k each!

6100 N La Homa Rd Unit 2 Mission, Texas United States


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