San Bernardino County – IMPOSTOR Review


10/10/19: Received call/message from 310-693-6953. Caller said name was Christina or Christiana Davis. Said she was a compliance officer from San Bernardino County, CA and the call was legal notice that my phone number and address was listed for a Debbie Denise Dawson, and a case was being filed against her and my name and contact would be associated with her/the filing unless I contacted the legal division to be removed. The number for the legal division was 855-212-2116. I was given case number of 211657. Spoke with someone at the 855 number and told her about the message I received about a case for Debbie Denise Dawson and gave her the case number. Told her I was not going to give any personal information because I was concerned about it being a scam. She looked up the case number and said is it Debbie or Dobie? I told her I don’t know, but don’t know either person and they are not connected to me in any way. She said she would add that information to the file and that I would be eliminated from the case file. Did ask for her name. Can’t remember first name, but the last name was Gray. Worried I may have made myself vulnerable by responding to call, even though I gave no personal information.

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