Rudy Soler is a serial scammer/cheater in Naples


Hey man just checking in. I guess this is getting pretty old by now. Just remember you asked for this. You have been asked numerous times to just face me. Just own up to what you did. For those that donít know what I am referring to is the fact Rudy Soler chose to go after my wife knowing she was married. You can tell this asshole has no class. He knew ahead of time she was married. He should have avoided her like the plague. I donít know if you know this or not but ppl are always getting shot for fucking someone elseís wife or husband.
I see you have a 29 year old fat assed woman to have that degenerate looking son of yours. You creep me the fuck out. You are 61 and have a toddler. That is plain fuckin weird. You also moved out of Michael Currieís house into the one down the street.
My problem is you took pleasure in trying to fuck my life up. You are a piece of shit. How dare you.
My only solace is these posts. The fact that your personal friends can see you are a worthless piece of shit and a sponge on the USA.
Face it without the help of the USA youíd still be chasing monkeyís around the jungle. Youíd still be mixing papaya shakes.
Letís talk about the mustache. Is that the spic way to wear it?
Are you so deeply rooted in Venezuela you canít shave like a normal human being?
You so kind of Bill Cosby freak or something? You are 62 years old and have a 28 year old woman to have a kid with. It must that you are also a pedophile. You definitely demonstrate all of the characteristic traits of one. Wanting to surround yourself with much younger cohabitants. Nasty ass fuck. Dude you have some serious issues. Fuck you shit bag.

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