Royal Prestige Fridley Minnesota Review


I sent a letter to the company dated 5/24/04 that reads as follows: n”This was sold by Crystal Gomm on March 31

2004 with the direct statement that she would put the order on hold until sometime in August so that we would receive this order after our wedding on September 10

2004. Please note that Ms. Gomm left the date on the back of the contract blank for this purpose. I understood from Ms. Gomm that I could cancel this order at anytime before she ordered it. I have no doubt that this is an excellent product at a price of $1

982.00 but this is too exorbitant of a cost for us. I am requesting that this order be canceled and a full refund of the deposit be returned.”” nI was informed by them that the ordered had been placed and we are not able to get our refund back. I have not received a response to my letter as of today (7/19/04) either. nAlysanFridley


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