Richard Morin Review


Richard Morin and his boy Ben Morin run a banknote business out of a Florida mailbox under the moniker “oldmoney4u”. Most of their business occurs on E-Bay … After some years of being a customer I was recently fleeced for several hundred dollars by the Morins. The Morin tag-team made it perfectly clear I would NEVER be compensated. This occured when I was owed a significant sum, and this amount is also appearing a complete write-off. This enterprise is a very horrific example of greed trumping trust. DO NOT DEAL with Richard Morin, Ben Morin, or Karen Morin or “oldmoney4u”. Very simply they cannot be trusted and will, in time, rip you off. Stealing while holding a position of trust over others is reserved for the pure scum of this world and it doesn’t get any worse than the business activities of “oldmoney4u” and the Morins.

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