RF Knox Company, Inc. Review


Knox Company, Inc. did not pay us for two jobs we did for them. We spent alot of time installing HVAC systems for them totaling 30,550. Its been over 4 months and they have not paid us. We have had to file a Mechanic’s Lien on the owners property due to them not paying there bill. | They are unprofessional business men that dont care they owe sub-contractors money…. well thhis is what you get when you dont pay your bill.. We have been told by other sub contractor to say away… but we needed the work.. They seemed very professional thru the process and then they didnt pay our invoices from the start.. What were we going to do we needed to finish the job first… so we could file a Lien to get paid. | Please stay away from doing business with the as it will cost you more time and money just to get paid what you are owed.. we have had to pay lawyers lien fees ect… | I hope others read this and stay clear of these two.. and I hope this report will help others to think twice before you get ripped off…. You cant get away from paying your subcontractors karma will come back at you.


  • Name: RF Knox Company, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Smyrna
  • Address: 4865 Martin Ct
  • Phone: 770-434-7401
  • Website: www.rfknox.com/

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