Recycle All Electronics Review


Ethic Notification | Perpetrator: | Alias: Paul Skinner | Phone: 352-438-9836 | Company Name: Recycle All Electronics/RAE – I.T. Asset Management | Address: 3661 S. Pine Ave. | Ocala, FL 34471 | Victim: | Refone Trading Inc. | 18-17 College Point Blvd. | College Point, NY 11356 | (718) 461-2001 | Amount Lost: $19400 | We procurement contacted to Paul Skinner directly want to Purchase used phone. He gave 4 lot product ask our price. We price relative. We wired to Recycle All Electronics $ 67,036on 5/11/17, There was 2 orders & 4 invoices sum total. 1.Invoice 1020562. Invoice 102063/ Invoice 102064/ Invoice 102065 | To postpone delivery! | We received all product on 5/25/2017, Purchase day is 5/11/2017,which has been 14dayís complete the all deal. Recycle All Electronics prepared it for 11days to delivery. Itís been one week gave us tracking number, but the package still doesnít move,.Paul Skinner doesnít guaranteed what he said. | Quantity/ Description unmatched the Invoice! | Second Paul Skinner Guaranteed for separate all different classes. When we received the stock they are all MIX. I Believe He was irresponsible approached for his job. One of the importance things is that totally different product. We count for $19400 Credit for this 2 orders. | | Avoid Refund | Mostly Important, he asked many details on the product so that we take lots of times to work on it . We provided 90% IMEI, as well as conditions and actual quantity, the rest of 10%IMEI we cannot provide due to they are all fake phones. | According to this situation we totally understand. We help him solved it. Also, He put in some extra phoneís should be not in the invoice, I believe he didnít pay attention for this lot. We really should have trusted him. lol By the way, delay reply until donít pick up my Phone. We try to call the receptionist some time they help me find him, some times they even donít pick up the phone. When we called him, he kept giving us more excuses like his in Hospital and etc. Now he doesnít even respond. | So as a Public Service Announcement, we are warning you of this company. Please take heed and be careful. | If necessary, we have all supporting documents available.


  • Name: Recycle All Electronics
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Ocala
  • Address: 3661 S Pine Ave
  • Phone: 1 352-502-4449
  • Website:

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