Realty Crowdfunding Review


To make this as plain as possible, I completed work for Glenn, and was promised payment that I did not receive. This includes not only an hourly wage that we had agreed upon, but also money that he asked me to put up with the promise of repayment. I am not the only person he has screwed over, and in fact the attorney general of new york has been building a case against him for about a year now. | Glenn is a very charismatic person. He will make you feel good about the things that are happening, and will burn you behind your back. He is completely untrustworthy, and is not even good at his own job. I saw him start two homes and leave them incomplete and not even water tight. | Glenn is the kind of person that makes the world worse. If you ask for him to do work for you, you will lose money and gain nothing. I can only recommend that you stay far away from him and any business venture he is in charge of. Not only is doing so financially risky, but it will bring you far too close to someone who is morally and literally bankrupt.


  • Name: Realty Crowdfunding
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Kingston
  • Address: 117 Tremper Ave
  • Phone: 845-532-5353
  • Website:

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