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Complaint: The transmission went on my 1999 subaru forrester after having been replaced by rafferty subaru the previous year. When I had the car checked by a mechanic he stated that there was too much transmissionfluid in it so I had the car towed to rafferty again and informed them of the situation. At first they told me the car was no longer under warranty but after pressing them for a few days their story changed, sounds like a happy ending right? Well for the next week I was given a number of differentt stories about the cars condition and its cause (never got a real answer) and was spoken to as if I was retarded, which I asure you i am not. In the middle of the week was informed that the replacement trans. was to be recieved on thursday and that the car would be ready on friday. When the trans was due to be installed I recieved a call that the old trans had been taken out and that they would not put the new one in unless I had all four tires replaced! Stating no clear reasons why at first and only after arguing did they say something about tire ratios messing up the transmission when they were the same as the last time they replaced it, all the while they were basically holding my car hostage until I bought their tires at their rates! Christopher Darby, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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Address: 4700 W Chester Pike Newtown Square, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


Phone: 800-867-9731

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