Quinn Enterprises LLC Review


I was in a pinch to find a good, safe home for me and my daughter. I found an apartment for 1150$ Online and called to view it. We were met by Brian and Eileen Quinn, he walked us through the apartment, talked about how he didn’t like the tenants way of life so he had asked her to move. He said she partied too much, he spoke of his church work often, and since my daughter and I are also involved in our church, we thought we’d found common ground. However, as we viewed the apartment it didnt seem like the tenant was not ready to move. When we got outside, the landlord started to talk money and he said he had 4 people coming to look at the place after us .. He knew we liked it and he knew we were in a pinch.. So when I asked the price, he said $1380.., I corrrected him and he said “no that one is gone”.. I was tricked again, but had nowhere to go. He said the only way he coukd accept my application and reserve the apartment was if I gave him $500 as a nonrefundable deposit! I said I wasn’t comfortable with that, but he kept telling me it was the place for me and if accepted he would put the money toward our deposit. So I did it in GOOD FAITH. He also asked me to put the electric in my name prior to me taking possession because he gave me some crazy reason why it made sense. I did it. The process took forever. He asked for an additional 3380$ in order to allow us to be set to move in. Then a week later he emailed me and said for me to get to his House by 7 am. I told him there was no way I could., I’m a single mom, battling stage IV Cancer and my daughter gets on the bus at 9:00 am. I told him I’d be down right after she was on the bus. He said that wouldn’t do and he’s having second thoughts about letting us move in. He took our money and DID NOT LET US MOVE IN!! It’s a scam!! The tenant never intended to move out! It’s still on line as a cleaned out, unoccupied apartment at the lower price.. STAY AWAY FROM BRIAN QUINN ENTERPRISES!


  • Name: Quinn Enterprises LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Ambler
  • Address: 319 Valley Brook Rd.
  • Phone: (307) 877-3312
  • Website:

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