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Complaint: The add said free sample and when I click to order I saw under where you just clicked was a tiny check box with a check in it which I did NOT check my self. I tried to call back but was put on automated hold and no one ever picked up! They signed me up to 12 months of product at $89.95 a month which I didnt want, All I wanted was the free sample. I got SCAMMED! Citi Bank said they would take it off my credit card and when I finally got through to the company the next day they said that i sighned up for the 12 months and I tried to tell them that I didnt and they kept talking over me so I had to cancel my credit card which I had for several years and always paid on time and they treated me like garbage! I have perfect credit! While I was talking to them I got and email staing That that all future charges have been cancelled but today I got a charge for $89.95 ! I saw free sample and said what the heck, what could go wrong for free? I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE EVER AGAIN AND To Kelly Rippa, Thanks for RAPING my wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: Retail Fraud, Scam- Suspected Fraud, Suspected Fraud

Address: 610 Pembroke RD #10684 Greensboro, NC United States

Website: purelyorganic.com/

Phone: 855-412-3133

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