Publishers Clearing Houre Review


A man called stating his name was David Goodman (he had a heavy accent) from Publishers Clearing House and that I was a 2nd place winner for $800,000. He kept asking personal information, wanted to know if I wanted my prize publicly by having my picture taken, live t.v. and internet or privately. Privately UPS would deliver my certified check tonight if I answered his questions. He stated that the call was being monitored by the IRS and that the call was legitimate. I refused to give my date of birth and other personal information. I asked for a phone number and address to call back because I needed to confirm a few things before I gave out my personal information. He provided 1-917-512-2527 as the phone number and said it was a roaming number and could be answered from anywhere but he would not provide an address. I advised that he could call me back and then he said he would call back in an hour and hung up the phone. According to The number he was calling from was 876-783-8396.

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