Preschool Sound Of Music Complaint


ASSAULT ON CHILD/RUDENESS ACADEMIC PRESCHOOL SOUND OF MUSIC, LOS ANGELES CA ASSAULT ON CHILD/RUDENESS. I am complaining in behalf of a friend”s niece (who is also my goddaughter) whose teacher had insulted the little girl”s dream on one day becoming a doctor. And not only that, that same teacher had also been ignoring my friend”s niece when she asks some questions to the teacher. To top it all, a girl classmate threw a notebook at my goddaughter and that teacher did not even reprimand, nor brought that rude classmate to the Guidance Counsellor”s office for a write up. ASSAULT ON CHILD/RUDENESS ACADEMIC PRESCHOOL SOUND OF MUSIC LOS ANGELES, CA ASSAULT ON CHILD/RUDENESS Academic Preschool Sound Of Music 1256 S Van Ness Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019 Leonid Gonchar [protected]

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