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Complaint: Received a small invoice type offer in the mail to renew my subscription to Playboy magazine. Offer was 24 months for $36 and 36 months for $44. This looked suspicious as Playboy does not discount their subscriptions. One year is about $35. You figure the rest. I called Playboy Customer Service at 800.999.4438. Connected to a lady in Iowa who stated that she had Premier Subscriber Services on her watch list. Further stated that they did not have authority to sell Playboy subscriptions and that they never sent any money to Playboy. I suspect that this outfit sells subscriptions to other magazines also and keeps the money. They have a toll free number. It would be interesting to hear their response to Playboy’s statement. If you send money to this company, I suspect you can kiss it goodbye. I don’t know why the US Postal Inspectors are not all over these people. This is a federal felony known as mail fraud. The notice of renewal they sent me did not list an email address or web site. I would think a reputable company would list both. There was no accompanying letter. Just a slip of paper to renew and a return (unstamped) envelope. Beware PREMIER SUBSCRIBER SERVICES from Fountain Hills, AZ.

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Address: 13771 N. Fountain Hills Blvd. #114 Fountain Hills, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 1.888.627.2622

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