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i bought 2 sidekick phone faceplates from this posh life website. they were for my 2 nieces birthdays. i payed 600 usd for these and was told i would recive them in ten days. Ten days gone no faceplate. i contacted tori the lady in charge she was like “i dnt control the postal service u will get them when u do its like a waiting game””. Anway my nieces birthdays have passed by i have 2 buy them something else as ive been let down. i contact parcel service they dont know anything. at this stage the posh life company have stopped communicating with me. 39 days later tori contacts me saying parcel company have lost the items and they should reimuburse me and i shouldnt contact her. parcel service are oblivious 2 this…. so basically she has scammed me… she is a vindictive woman dont trust her please dont be let down like i was just trying 2 warn others think b4 u buy….. dont want u 2 be scammed like i was nAzmeenandubaiUnited Arab Emirates”

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