Plentiful Beauty Solutions, LLC. Review


An order was placed with this company in December 2018. There were multiple items in that order. After a few weeks I received one item from that order. | I contacted them to inquire about the rest of my order. They apologized and said the rest of my order would be shipped but in the meantime they would provide me with an Amazon gift card to say sorry. | They did not send the gift card so I emailed them again. They sent the gift card. I waited for the rest of my order for over a month and never received it so I asked for a refund. | They would not respond. I contacted them many more times asking for my order or a refund and they would not give me either. It is now June 2019 and they refuse to send me my order or refund the money I paid. They kept both my order and my money.


  • Name: Plentiful Beauty Solutions, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Atlanta
  • Address: 3455 Peachtree Road NE
  • Phone: 866-737-8170
  • Website:

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