PG Glass Complaint


A Few months ago I had to replace a window on my car. I sent my father to get it fixed at Victors Glass, a supplier of PG auto. After receiving the car I had to wait a few days for the tint to dry. When using the car I wound down the window and it didn’t want to go back up again. I asked my father to take it back to Victors glass as I though it might not have been aligned correctly. I received the car the next day with the regulator in a plastic bag. My father was very upset with the way they had treated him, he said that they told him I broke the regulator and he is not the owner of the car he should get the owner to sort it out. I went to Ford and they told me the only way the regulator could break is if the window was not placed correctly. I contacted a few other repair companies which told me the same thing as Ford. I contacted Victors glass and wanted to know who will be paying for the damage. They told me that they don’t deal with that I should get it repaired. I went to their workshop where they told me the same thing again and I wanted to talk with the owner, . I left messages for him to call me so we can have a talk about this, but he hasn’t. I am VERY!! upset with PG auto.

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