just a mother of a boy with MCR4 deficiency. I did a over the phone conversation with a lady with English accent. You have to get the join me app to see the things she is talking with you about. Now I had a great conversation now when it’s time to get paid ooh things did not work out. | Now after finishing up lady says I will be reaching out to the doctor to tell him you hid great and pay the honararia. He keeps going back and forth until I saw fraud report and someone had the exact same problem as me . | Mr David Leonard is at first very nice but as soon as you ask where’s PAYMENT he becomes like a street person very nasty disrespectful. IT made me so mad I told him, i found him on fraud report he said I know what you think I’m a rapists like your boy Giddy cent? | I SAW This email and was shocked he spoke to me in that way and what was he referencing to because I was a black woman with a son I didn’t want to go there but this man is very mean spirited when it’s time to be paid never got anything just violated my sons deficiency.


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  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 308 East 91st Street, 4th Floor
  • Phone: 212.289.0087
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