This is the main name:GEOVANNI ARIZMENDInPETS DEPARTMENTnPET RELOCATORS ANIMAL MOVING SERVICEnSEATTLE BRANCHnUSAnnOk I am gonna start by saying thank god their was a woman in walmart who helped me change my mind!.nnI have been searching for persian kittens for a long time I have wrote and wrote people tryen to get them cheap but noone will budge. I shouldda know better when I recieved and email from a lady stating she was in great need of finding two persian kittens a home. Her name was susan for about to months we wrote back and fourth I was a lil worried but she seemed really nice she said she just wonted a good home for them I thought wow maybe she is really seriouse so I told here the nearsest airport to me and she said she would get the paper work done and the kittens on the first flight the next day. She wrote a 4ish early in the morn and stated she was taking them and would inform me when they got their. She did and said to write when the airport called me I got three calls from an unknown caller african sounding guy but he hung up once and wouldnt answer twice so I didnt answer the next call he is on the answer machine hello hello hello is all he says. I eventually pick up unable to understand him at all I got the word kittens and check your email I did so and I hade recieved three emails from susan saying their was a problem with my email and number and I replied that they lied I did talk and got an email. This is couple of them:nnFrom: PET RELOCATORS USA nTo: [email protected]: Friday, May 22, 2009 2:21:22 PMnSubject: Re: ATTENTION!!!! ATTENTION!! KITTENS FLIGHT PENDING NOTIFICATION MAIL(TREAT THIS AS A MATTER OF URGENCY)n n PETS DEPARTMENTnn PET RELOCATORS ANIMAL MOVING SERVICEnnSEATTLE BRANCHnUSAnnWelcome to International Pet Relocators Animal Moving service Seattle California Branch, the relocating petsnbest friend since 1977.We are working in the colaboration with the Continental and Delta airways.The relationship of pets and people is a treasured one, as evidenced by the love shown with the children and their pets in the above photos; and is recognized as the human-animal bond. As you contemplate moving your family pet by air as you relocate, you want the best for your pet.International Pet Moving service holds the welfare and safety of your family pet as our primary consideration. Whether your pet is an experienced flier or a first time flier, Air pet move specialists, pet owners themselves, understand the relationship you have with your pet and will only provide the best pet moving service for your family pet both, nationwide & worldwide as you relocate.nnnWe handle all of the following:n Prearrange all necessary flights, ensuring a direct connection when possible.n Make sure that all necessary shots are current and that all paperwork is in place………………..n Pick up your pet at the airport and deliver them to your house….n Meet them at the destination airport and deliver them to your home….And handle them with care during flight.nnWe are professional pet movers responsible for the relocation of pets to their new families. When your contract is with us, you are assigned a PERSONAL PET MOVE COUNSELOR who will work with you to arrange the fastest, most direct flight for your pet. We work with your relocation schedule to ensure as smooth a move as possible.nnnCUSTOMER SERVICE / CARGO DEPARTMENT,nnANIMAL FLIGHT PET DELIVERYnnAGENCY.nnWE ARE THE BEST,FASTEST AND SAFEST nnnnAnimal FLight International Pets Flyer.nnnOBJECTIVE:nnnPET RELOCATORS USA is committed to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for all of our customers, including pets. Our pet’s flights and delivery services are relatively stress-free. Our major objective is safe delivery for our customers and pets as well.nFor safety reasons,we prefer you choose the most direct flight and delivery cargo to your destination. This will help reduce the stress on your pet. If warm temperatures are a concern, pets are flown preferably early in the morning, evening or an overnight flight used. We also issue a kennel/carrier for small sized pets. There is enough room for the pet to stand and sit in a natural position, turn around and lie down. The kennel door is also closed securely. But for larger animals as seen in one of our pet travel planes, a kennel is not required.nnn this one is from the so called airport animal locators.The first I got from them. nnDEAR CLIENT, nPET RELOCATORS ANIMAL FLIGHT PET DELIVERY USAnnAGENCYn(PAFPDA) WISHES TO INFORM YOU THAT WE HAVE TWO PERSIAN KITTENS A T OUR AGENCY FROM Mrs. SUSAN PARTRICK TO BE TRANSPORTED AND DELIVERED TO YOU USING THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS:nnnnDELIVERY ADDRESSnnNAMES………………………………nHOME ADDRESS…………………. n nPHONE NUMBERS …………………..nnFAX ………………. nnPOST CODE ……………….nnCOUNTRY ………………nn nnKITTEN’S DOCUMENTS (PROVIDED BY THE SENDER): nBIRTH CERTIFICATEn REGISTRATION CERTIFICATEn HEALTH CERTIFICATEnTRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATEnMICRO CHIP CENSORn nnPET DESCRIPTION:nnBREED……………………PERSIAN KITTENSnnSEX(ES)………………………MALE AND FEMALEnnNAMES…………….BROWN AND MELLYnn OTHER DOCUMENTS INCLUDED: n n * DNA TESTED RESULTSnn * VETERINARY CERTIFICATESnn * SHOTS RECORDSnn* FEEDING MANUALnnnTHIS KITTENS HAVE BEEN EXAMINED AND REGISTERED WITH US PET RELOCATORS CALIFORNIA BRANCH BUT IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO PROCEED WITH THE DELIVERY AS ONLY A RESERVATION WAS MADE AND PARTIAL PAYMENT OF THE TOTAL SHIPPING COST PAID BY THE SENDER AND WE HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED ANY COMPLITION OF PAYMENT REGARDING THE TRANSPORTATION. SO WE ARE EXPECTING YOU TO GET BACK TO US WITH THE REMAINING FLIGHT FEE WHICH IS $150 AND $50 FOR FEEDING AND CARE MAKING A TOTAL OF $300.00nn(MESSED UP ON THAT THEIR PAYMENT CANT ADD CAN THEY)nnAirway Bill Reference Number: (AWAITING PAYMENT)nnPass code: (AWAITING PAYMENT)nTHE AIRWAY BILL REFERENCE NUMBER AND THE PASS CODE OF THIS DELIVERY WILL BE FORWARDED TO YOU ONCE WE RECEIVE AND CONFIRM THE PAYMENT OFTHE REMAINING $150.00 YOU CAN LOG INTO OUR WEBSITE AND READ MORE ABOUT US.nnnnPAYMENT OPTIONSnnnWE DO ACCEPT CASH ON DESK MEANING THE SENDER PAYS AT POINT OF DEPARTURE.nWE ALSO ACCEPT CREDIT CARD TO BANK TRANSFER, BUT THIS OPTION IS USE INCLUSIVELY WHEN YOU ARE MAKING PAYMENTS MORE THAN A $1000 AND YOU ARE NOT PAYING UP TO THAT AMOUNT SO YOU SHALL BE AMKNING YOUR PAYMENT OF TH $150 VIA PSOT OFFICE USING THE MONEY GRAM MONEY TRANSFER SERVICE.nnnnWE DO ACCEPT WIRE TRANSFER VIA WAL-MART MONEY GRAMS THAT IS FOR ALL PAYMENTS LESS THAN A $1000, SO SINCE YOU ARE PAYING $150, YOU WILL BE USING THIS OPTION,OUR ACCOUNT HERE IS UNDER AUDITING SO YOU WILL BE MAKING THE PAYMENTS DIRECTLY INTO OUR BRANCH FINANCIAL REGIONAL HEADQUARTER IN CALIFORNIA.nnALSO NOTE THAT WE USUALLY USE PAY PAL TO PAY WHEN BOOKING FLIGHT FOUR DAYS AHEAD BUT IF YOU WANT A FLIGHT ON THE SAME DAY YOU PAY DIRECTLY VIA MONEY GRAM SO THAT THE FLIGHT CAN BE ACTIVATED IMMIDIATELY.SO HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE USING MONEY GRAM AND NOT PAYING DIRECTLY TO OUR BANK ACCOUNT OR CREDIT CARD. WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR EMAIL FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION.n PAYMENT ADDRESS:nnNAME:……………………………GEOVANNI ARIZMENDInADDRESS:……………..Diamond Bar,CAnCITY:……………… ……. Diamond Bar CAnSTATES……………………CalifornianCOUNTRY……………… USAnZIP Code………………………91765n nAdvice to customers when making payments:There are 2 types of money transfers with MONEY GRAMS. They are listed below with their characteristics.. TRANSFER TYPE AIM OF TRANSFER CHARGES DURATION FOR ACTIVATION1.Commercial Transfer for Customer – Company $75 12hours activation2.Casual Transfer for Customer – relative / Friend $25 15 minutes activation From the above we can conclude that the commercial transfer type ismore expensive and slower, so we do usually advice our customers touse the second transfer option, which is the casual transfer type,since it is cheaper and faster. So IF you are asked the purpose orreason for transfer the money, say it is a for a relative or friend to avoid highcharges and thereby prompting a quick payment activation.nOnce the payment is done, you should email the REFERENCE number and the senders name for confirmation. The final delivery details will be forwarded to you as soon as payment is approved and confirmed.nnnPlease verify if the address above is your home address as we would be doing a home delivery, in case of any changes notify us immediately.nTHE ABOVE INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL TO THE SUPPOSE RECEIVER OF THE PETSnSTAY TO ENJOY THE SERVICES OF US PET RELOCATORS USA FLIGHT CALIFORNIAnBRANCHnnnFLIGHT COORDINATOR,n&nbs p;LARIS BERNARDnn SECRETARY,n SHELENE CHRISTABEL,n n CUSTOMER SERVICE / CARGO DEPARTMENT, n n ANIMAL FLIGHT,RICHMOND KENTUCKY,USA. n nnTEL:011237-974-901-61nn n E-mail:[email protected] nnWEBSITE:www.afrels.110mb.comnn nnWe are number one in the world of transporting animals and of a good care and safety nnnCONFIDENTIAL MESSAGEnNote,please this message is highly secretive and confidential.If you are not the original recipient of this mail,kindly email it back to the director of US Animal Moving Service using this address below.Any attempt to copy or print this message shall be considered as fraud.nAirlines Legal Department.nAlso this message is to serve you confirm your email address.nnn– nBe Yourself @!nChoose From 200+ Email AddressesnGet a Free Account at!nnTHIS IS SOME EMAILS FROM SUSANnn#1nFrom: Susan Partrick nSubject: so glad to read from younTo: [email protected]: Monday, May 11, 2009, 8:47 PMnnnsounds great, i really do appreciate the interest you have for myKittens and i believe your home will be the right home for them.We love them son much and it is hard on me giving them out.Idon’t have any intentions to take back the Kittens back FromBut before we proceed with this, it will be anagreement between the two of us that you will never give out mybabies for sale???.i have never intended to give them up for sale. Itwill seem to me as i am giving out my own biological children forsale.what i need from you as the reward for my babies is ton makesure you treat them with great love and affection. Persian Kittens have the reputation of being the best kittens of the catskingdom. They will be co,ing along side to you wit their all their legal and a cage which i am going todeliver them inside. I will equally include some toys they enjoyplaying with and also a hand book which is going to guide you ontheir likes and dislikes ok. get back to me with the name of thenearest airport in your location so that i can inquire the cost todeliver them to you and keep you updated.Well am actually from NorthernIreland but am presently relocated to the USA where i got my new jobi might help you ship them if i find that love in you.RegardsGod Bless YouLet me know the nearest airlines to your home so that i can inquire shippingn costnn n#2I wasnt able to do that amount I told her it was to high I could afford itnHini must confess your contant mailing has given me that perfect assurance i have been looking for!!! lol am so exited!!…as a matter of fact am gonna help you with part of the shipping charges.Normally it was supposed to be 250 but and going to paying 80 pounds at this end ok so you be left just with 180 pounds for both kittens i guess that i great .I might start the process of change of ownership papers today so that by tomorrow i get them to the nearet airlines for registration and eventual delivery to you home.They are up to date on all their shots they just had their last shots last week and it was perfectly carried out.Don’t dorder about anythink doing health as my vet examaines them alomost every week in my house.You know we are really given out this babies with great grief in our hearts but there is nothing we can do to change it.But am aleast assured and guaranteed that you will spiol them in your home.I have always prayed to the almighty that my babies find a loving and carrying home!! i think the lord has blessed me.Is very hard giving thinks out this day because we dont know how people might behave in the end.I had a friend who was in the same situation and handed over his parrots to a woman by the time he paid the woman a visit in her house she had sold away the pair of birds??? he was so mad at her so if you see me asking so many questions is just because i need perfect assurance.n I shall be arranging for a home delivery service so that the babies be delivered right to your door steps.As i told you you shall be paying the fee directly to the airlines once they get in touch with you.Below are the following informations that they requested from you,please provide as you see below.nnnFull Names…………………………………..nHomes Address……………………………..nNearest Arport to your home………………………..nPhone Numbers…………………………….nZip Code………………………………………………nas soon as i lay hands on this details i shall be rushing to the Live Stock Ministry to have them registered and communicate your details to the airlines.nGet back to me asapnSusannnn#3 i told here I couldnt afford to pay and wasnt able to get them unless she could help me out even more this is what she wrote:nnI could try to see what I can do about helping out with the shipping. You sound like a nice person and I have come to know you better. Would you be able to afford 150 dollars? and I would pay the rest. reply soon. nnn#4nI accaepted the offer of 150 dollars she replied:nnHin Sabrina,i must say thinks were not very easy on my side.You know the airlines work 24 hours all nigh and day!!! i was so happy to find that because it will enable me ship the babies early enough.I have include all their legal documents and and a hand booklet on their daily feeding.Please strictly follow their feeding programme of the day because they have been use to eating three times per day.n Also i have enclose a bag of their pampers that was left over in my house i hope this will greatly help you for the first weeks.Remember always keep them indoors in time of cold.I shall be making my own part of the payments directly to the airlines so you shall be expected to do them same before the babies depart so once they contact you with payments inform just rush to do that i will personally directly on how to go about if you find difficulties ok.I want to see my puppies travel with security.n Heading to the airlines for registrationnSusannn#5 She sent the kittens to airport or so she said I told her I would write as soon as I heard anything.nnHey you must be very happy right as i dropped the babies early today morning!!!! i paid the part i told you and they said they will need a completion of the payments before the kittens flight are activated.So make sure once there in touch do the remaining 150dollars so that can be put ob board early enough.nAm already at work put using my I Phone to browse so fell free to send me messages at any time.nGod Bless can’t wait to hear back from youn Sent From My Verizon I Phonen nn#6 she forwarded the papaer fromt he company before the company got it to me adn said I needed to read.nFORWARDED MAIL FROM THE US PET RELOCATORS I GUESS YOUR EMAIL HAS A PROBLEM THEY JUST CALLED ME ?????????????? PLEASE DO COMPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO THAT THEY CAN SHIP THE BABIES EARLY ENOUGHn Susan Partrick

GEOVANNI ARIZMENDI Diamond Bar, California U.S.A.



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