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Complaint: First off I would like to say that the store that I am reporting is a pet supplies store that sells products and small animals and it is pathectic and I don’t see how it is still in business. Where Do I begin? Its a corrupt little store that is ripping off its employees as well as its customers just to make a quick buck. To get a job there you have to be either a good liar or good at decieving. If you aren’t good with either then you will not last long. Everything I say about this store is truth, as I’m not a disguntled person. I’m just disappointed and people should be aware of what is going on. A lot of the new employees there are kids who are looking for that first job or want to learn more about animals. It is very sad to say this but often times management will play with anyone who is not salaried hours to cut costs. If you forget to clock in they will not fix your time card. I had my hours played with several times and have valid proof. Charles Lang was the head manager there and he was the most lazy b*****d I’d ever met. A Fat A** buffalo looking NY (((REDACTED LANGUAGE))) who is a pot head who expected the store to run itself. He brags about how he makes 70k a year and he only got the job because he mooches off his daddys clout who runs several stores in NY. I do find it ironic that he isn’t working in one of his Daddy’s stores. You need not dare ask him for help with anything. Another worker I can’t stand is Ryan McBride, he’s one of those good boys in the workplace. That job will be all he’ll ever know. He’s a pathectic gay pothead bimbo two faced jerk who litterally got his job because he had relations with the owner of the store who is also gay. The owner set him up in recieving originally making 18/hr when all other recievers only make 10. Then suddenly he jumped into an assistant mgr and was far from qualified for the job. Now they currently have a night manager there who is a complete weird twit and a lousy b*tch just like them, an underachiever who doesn’t want much in life. She comes off as ambitious, but really she’s one of those people who is gonna end up 40 working as manager at a Wendys content with maybe making 32k a year. She was good friends with Ryan so that’s how she got the job and she and Ryan will never go anywhere, this is it for them. While I was there I’ve seen several peoples paychecks altered, I’ve seen the cruelty to the few animals that they have there and the serious bug and rat issue. Customers constantly bring back food that has worms or bugs in it, the store tells the customer that its the manufacturers fault but that isn’t the case. The birds, reptiles and turtles are constantly sick, they will put it in the back and set it free to keep from paying vet bills. Their fish are always sick with ick or velvet and they don’t disclose this to the customers, if the customers return something and they can clean it up they will resell it instead of ordering a new one. There is a cat rescue that leaves her cats there and although she is a wonderful rescue, if she doesn’t send her volunteers to care for the cats then those cats suffer without changing and food/or water unless one of the workers is willing to clock out and care for them. I am no longer there and I couldn’t be happier. It was all because I didn’t play their dumb games. I wasn’t easy to manipulate and they didn’t want someone like me moving up with their “company””. The weak

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Address: sorry manager Charley couldn’t even give me an excuse of why I was being replaced. This job was such a F*cking waste of time I was relieved when I left. Even worse there is a big drug problem at this store. Not only are all of the managers on drugs but they buy and sell to their young employees as well. This is what makes the employees want to stay there. They form a interpersonal relationship with their employees personal likes

Website: blank “”they don’t give a F*ck about them”” and they only do this so that they can blindly cheat the employee out of money and the employee is so trusting that they don’t question their hours. The employees don’t get to see their hours daily so the next morning when the managers come in they simply skim an 30 mins-1 off

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