Pet Street Mall Review


I told Derrick (General Manager) at “Pet Street Mall” that I was gonna trash them on Facebook,Yelp,etc.,to let everyone I could reach know that their terrible customer service was appalling.Derrick acted like no big deal Ok,,then that’s what I’m doing,now !! They lied,double talked,did a bait and switch,transferred me countless times,put me on hold,just to find out that the price they gave me for a cat flea,and tick medicine was one price, less 30% but then reneged when the system updated to a higher price I asked,is “that my fault”?.Initially they told me they would honor the lessor price,but then refused to do so.I asked for a higher up,but they wouldn’t transfer me to Griffin the Executive Officer I did talk to Gerald (said he was higher than a rep),and that he could do more than the rep could do. He was the initial person who agreed the price on their website was incorrect,but no worries,”we will honor the sale price listed on our site,less 30% which made the sale price $91,instead of $105.”,but would have to run it by Griffin,who was in a meeting,and he would call me back after he made the adjustment,The call never happened,so I called back,and the nightmare continued…incompetent reps,then a transfer,then another transfer,and then all of a sudden I’m talking to Pablo who worked with Amazon !! What?? He said he answered the line by mistake,so then I was back with Derrick.The main people I spoke to were…Gerald, Brandon, Derrick (General Manager)..he wouldn’t give me his last name,and he was the last person I spoke to…he kept asking “what can I do for you”,then I would say “honor the price I was quoted by Gerald $91.00 for 12 month Advantage flea,and tick for cats”,he would come back with ” I told you we cannot sell anything for less than cost” In my opinion any reputable company would “eat” the $14.00 difference,than make me call back,get transferred back,and forth,argue to high Heaven,and make me cry (I was so upset).He said he had me on speaker phone,I guess he was making this a teaching tool,to show the reps, in training,which were many,and all needed side by side observation,because of their lack of phone skills,and product knowledge.I even remarked to Gerald (the first person I was transferred to) that it felt I was talking to someone working at Macy’s,because they didn’t know anything about pets,nor their products,etc.. Later in the day,when I was talking to him AGAIN,he asked if I still felt I was talking to a Macy’s rep,and I replied “No,I’m talking to the Dollar Store,now”,he thought that was hilarious.He was the kind of rep that joked around,was very sweet on the call,I would say “giddy”,and reassured me he was gonna take care of everything,etc.,but then he transferred me to Derrick (General Mgr),even though he said he was transferring me to the “main man” Executive Manager”,Griffin. Derrick refused to transfer me to Griffin,and he mentioned he was upset that Gerald had even mentioned Griffin’s name !! Another remark I made was that I felt like I was talking to used car salesmen…Derrick’s remark to that was “maybe that was where Gerald worked before”,and then laughed.It was all a joke to Derrick,he was standing his ground,even when I mentioned that such a big company should be able to “eat” the $14,instead of having such a dissatisfied customer,and one who definitely will never buy from them,and had threatened trashing them on social media.Therefore,this post is to give everyone a heads up about this company…they do not care about their customers !!!


  • Name: Pet Street Mall
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Tampa
  • Address: 5911 Benjamin Center Dr
  • Phone: 800-957-5753
  • Website:

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